I make sites & software
a visual guide to some websites I've designed or worked upon in the past while (2012-2014) and recent software/art projects. My LinkedIn profile is also informative. Please feel free to ask questions
My more straight-forward art projects can be viewed at the feltmaking workshop.

Julie Vulcan Art projects & portfolio
original Wordpress Theme

Alexis Destoop website

Alexis Destoop Film maker & Visual artist
original Wordpress theme

Home@735 Gallery website

Home@735 Gallery Redfern, Sydney
original Wordpress theme

Lena Obergfell website

Lena Obergfell Visual and Performance artist
design & customisation on the Thematic Wordpress theme

Jacqueline McDiarmid's website

Jacqueline McDiarmid counsellor/therapist
re-design & coding on Joomla CMS platform. Integration of MailChimp & Google Calendar services into site contents

Shopfront Theatre's main website

The Shopfront contemporary arts & performance
re-design on the Widescreen Wordpress theme

Shopfront Theatre's project websites

Shopfront Project sites contemporary youth arts
template Design on the Gridline Wordpress theme. Provisioning of new sites for on-going art & education projects

Pareto Fundraiding's website

Pareto Fundraising re-design & coding on a custom Wordpress 1.0 theme

Anibou's website

Anibou designer & imported furniture
(site design by Graphic Expression)
coding custom catalogue software to manage website furniture listings in PHP

Critical Path

Critical Path Choreographic Centre for research & practice
new pages, navigation & functionality added to a site based upon html/css & PHP

Cracknell Consulting website

Cracknell Consulting payroll/HR consultancy
design & customisation on the Thematic Wordpress theme

QR codes for audio and interaction

video kiosk for Wishing Dark (a collaborative work in progress)
Based upon a computer with webcam - a foolproof self-operated photobooth for audience members to record a short video message. Built using Max-MSP-Jitter.

digital-analogue/analogue-digital interfaces for music synths

software for Sending the Message
an application to replay short statements solicited from an audience as audible morse code. Text-entry & playback were performed in realtime. Built using processing and Java classes.

suntime experiment
transferring state (i.e. daylight) from a sensor into an artificial environment - a simple example

internet image scavenger
some work towards re-purposing the graphical richness of the world wide web.

coming soon

computer music applications: SFM & FSM



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